Grey Water reuse is nothing new. GREY WATER RECYCLING SYSTEMS have been in use in the United States and Australia for many years and is growing in popularity in South Africa. More often than not its not as a result of drought or water restrictions, but because it is now seen as the right thing to do. By re-using gray water in a responsible manner, the demand for drinkable (potable) water can be reduced dramatically. It is estimated that up to 50% of all household fresh water is used in the garden for one or another form of irrigation.

We not only guarentee you will save water by using our product to recycle your bathroom grey water water but at the same time Garden ResQ Grey Water Systems is pretty sure we will help save a large part, if not all of your garden in times of drought or water restrictions.

Garden ResQ is proud to be associated with many water saving intitiatives around the country therby assisting in saving, or at the very least, creating awareness during the current water saving drive.
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Leaders in Grey Water recycling and reuse systems in South Africa
Garden ResQ Grey water systems has become a household name when choosing a easily maintained, reliable garden irrigation product Gardens love grey water as it is fairly clean and contains many nutrients that benefit plants and grass. Save your garden , save water, Grey water reuse and recycling is the first step in going green. Its no longer the domain of the tree 
huggers to help save what we have. We all need to reuse and recycling Grey water systems are cost effective and afordable. Well designed systems are easily installed by the homeowner in a few hours water recycling to irrigate you garden not only saves water and time, but saves your garden in times of drought

Grey Water Reuse and Recycling Systems

Mini Grey water unit
Maxi Grey Water Unit
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